Climate Change Grimly Manifests Itself At Lake Tahoe

Climate Change Grimly Manifests Itself At Lake Tahoe


Climate Change Grimly Manifests Itself At Lake Tahoe


There is evidence of climate change in every corner of the world. While it might not be jarring to hear about how the climate is changing in the suburbs of some metropolis, Lake Tahoe provides an excellent backdrop for interpreting climate change.

According to Fox KTVU, Lake Tahoe is set to drop below its natural rim this week. When the lake falls below the rim, it cuts off water to the Truckee River which runs downhill through Reno and eventually into Pyramid Lake. The water level has dropped below the rim four times since 2004.  According to The Hill, the Lake Tahoe Basin had its third driest year since 1910. In addition, the entire state of California had its driest summer since 1895.

In September, the Caldor Fire ripped through the Tahoe Basin. Now, the fire-scarred mountains and low lake levels are the perfect manifestations of climate change. Trails were destroyed, ski areas threatened and the gorgeous alpine lake is known for its supreme clarity seems to be slowly and more consistently seeing unhealthy water levels. Our fingers are crossed for a series of big, wet winters to pull ourselves out of this seemingly ever-present drought.

Images From: Alpenglow Gallery Facebook Page, US Forest Service Facebook Page

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