Wild Boars Are Taking Over Europe

Wild Boars Are Taking Over Europe


Wild Boars Are Taking Over Europe


When we think of invasive species, many of us think about tiny bugs destroying trees, beetles, or other microscopic nuisances. Well, it just so happens the wild boar has made it onto the list of most problematic invasive species in the world. In fact, they appear to be taking over Europe.

According to an article in The Hill, the wild boar population is exploding in Europe. There are estimated to be 10-million of these beasts roaming the continent. These animals can grow up to 220-pounds and aren’t to be taken lightly. In some of Europe’s major cities, like Rome and Barcelona, the boars have moved in and are causing a ruckus. They are targeting the trash in these cities and according to NPR, it’s not unusual to see packs of a few dozen boar at a time. The article estimates there are 5,000-6,000 boars in the city of Rome alone and they have turned into quite the political topic.

In Barcelona, there are thousands of calls to the police per year regarding wild boars. They attack dogs, hold up traffic, and trashing the city. The boars may have crossed the line when they attacked Shakira this month. Yes, Shakira. The boars attacked her near a park in Barcelona before stealing her purse that contained her phone.

While hunting boar is common in rural European areas, it isn’t a realistic solution in these urban areas. Fear the boar.

Images From: NREM At Ball State University Facebook Page

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