Six Chippewa tribes have sued the state of Wisconsin over a wolf hunt scheduled to take place in November.

According to a report from the National Catholic Reporter, the tribes sued the state on the grounds that these wolf hunts violate treaties signed between the tribes and state. According to these treaties, the state would split resources with the tribes 50-50. The tribes argue that this treaty includes splitting resources like wildlife and wolves. Wolves are seen as sacred by these tribes and they seek to protect them.

This comes on the heel of a state-ordered wolf hunt in February. The state of Wisconsin set a quota of 119-wolves but hunters killed 218 of them in only four days. As one might expect, this sparked quite a bit of outrage. Wolves have become a steaming-hot political topic. The Trump administration removed the federal protection of the gray wolf and Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming have become ground zero for the wolf debate.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out in the Upper Midwest.

Images From: Wolf Conservation Center Facebook Page, The 06 Legacy Facebook Page