A 31-year-old Lakewood Colorado man has died from a climbing accident in Eldorado Canyon State Park south of Boulder, Colorado.

According to a report from Out There Colorado, the climber was found dead on Wednesday afternoon by another group of climbers. At the time of the discovery, the man was already deceased and didn’t have any climbing gear or a partner on the scene. This leads authorities to believe he was “free soloing”, an act where a rock climber scales a wall without the use of ropes, a partner, or any safety measure. Needless to say, this activity is exceptionally dangerous.

The activity of free soloing was recently brought into popular culture thanks to a 2018 film called Free Solo featuring Alex Honnold. He climbed Yosemite’s monstrous El Capitan without any ropes. Yes, this activity is indeed terrifying.

Images from: Eldorado Canyon State Park Facebook Page