WATCH: Insane People Jump Off 4,500' Cliff In Norway

WATCH: Insane People Jump Off 4,500' Cliff In Norway


WATCH: Insane People Jump Off 4,500' Cliff In Norway


I’m on the record for believing that anybody willing to BASE jump off a cliff must be from a different planet. I know we learned in school that “everybody is different”, but you have to draw a line somewhere to determine if somebody is actually human, right?

I’m probably being dramatic, but I can’t fathom the decision to jump off a cliff no matter how many times I see it on video. There’s just something wrong with these people, but I’m honestly very jealous.

They might be from another planet, or are just insane, but I can’t help but to wish I had the balls to do something like this. Not because I want to brag about jumping off a 4,500′ cliff, but just to know that I’m part of a small group of people that could actually accomplish something like this. That’s gotta be the highest of highs.

I can promise you that I will never BASE jump, but it’s nice to dream about. For now, I’ll live vicariously through videos filmed by psychos who actually have the cajones to do it.

Jay Alvarrez“This was a special strike mission I made out to Norway this year.. I don’t think a moment went by that wasn’t full of butterflies. With all the chaos in the world to be able to go out in the mountains and experience life in this way was surreal. Much love to everyone who has followed my journey! NOTICE – Please understand the individuals in this video have 1000s of skydives & have trained to perform these actions. Base jumping & skydiving are serious sports in which can result in death.”
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