Rutting Moose Attacks Parked Mercedes Benz

Rutting Moose Attacks Parked Mercedes Benz


Rutting Moose Attacks Parked Mercedes Benz


“I came back to this cardboard note on my car, with a couple of scratches all over it. I had no idea, I thought someone attacked my car and maybe this guy was just leaving me a note, like ‘hey, I saw somebody attacking your car.’ It turned out to be a moose that attacked my car.” –Jake Wheeler

Great example of why we need to be extra cautious around moose during the rut as they’re on edge and prone to fight just about anything…including luxury automobiles. This incident took place at this time last year in Boulder County, Colorado and the driver has a theory why it picked a fight with his buffed out Benz:

“It’s mating season supposedly, maybe he saw his reflection in my car.” 

The estimated cost to fix the damage was $3,200. Dang.

Here’s the note and damage: 


The art turning on straight skis is all but lost these days. We all have ludicrous side cuts, rocker, camber, and a variety of materials (…)

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