Police Stop Traffic So Sloth Can *Slowly* Cross Road

Police Stop Traffic So Sloth Can *Slowly* Cross Road


Police Stop Traffic So Sloth Can *Slowly* Cross Road


Well this video is just too perfect, isn’t it? This sloth is really playing into the worldwide stereotype of its species.

Police in Costa Rica stopped traffic to allow a sloth to cross the road, and my mind is absolutely racing with questions.

I want to know: How often does this happen? Are roads constantly being closed to allow for sloths to inch their way from one side to the other? How many people have been late to work because a sloth decided she was going to take 45 minutes to cross a two lane highway?

That sloth is adorably cute, but the east coaster in me wants to scream in frustration. Can’t the government build little bridges or tunnels for those pesky sloths to slow-mo army crawl across roadways? I’m sure it would be safer, and more efficient for motorists in the area… 😆

“Occurred on September 2, 2021 / Manuel Antonio, Punta Arenas, Costa Rica “I’m a traveler, backpacker, and P.E. Teacher. While traveling in Costa Rica our bus was stopped by police as they escorted a sloth across the road.”

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