The Arette Motorcycle club has hosted a Hill Climb on the face of a mountain in the Barétous Valley since 1984. The competition asks riders to reach the summit on their handmade vehicles up a track that is 230m (755′) long, 8m (26′) wide, and has a slope rating of 70-82%.

It seems nearly impossible to reach the summit, and many riders fail in spectacular fashion. Michel Camou put together a highlight reel from the event back in 2019, and it’s an absolute carnage reel.

It seems like every rider ends up crashing, breaking their bike, or launching the bike back over their heads as they duck for cover. I just can’t believe that people do this willingly knowing there’s a high chance that they’ll get hurt.

I’d love to watch from the base, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the top of the track. Those people in yellow shirts look like they are constantly dodging motorcycles from smashing into their heads.

The Arette Impossible climb is no joke.

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