Kelly Slater. Credit: Pedro Szekely

Welp… I hate to be another guy on the internet talking about COVID-19, but it’s been almost two years since this virus from hell started killing people and it’s unfortunately still a very relevant topic.

I feel like we haven’t seen many differing opinions in the outdoor sports industry. Most pro athletes seem to be pro-vaccine (as they should be), and have used their various social media platforms to encourage people to get vaccinated so we can get back to a “normal” life.

That’s why I was extremely surprised to see a screenshot floating around the internet of legendary pro surfer Kelly Slater responding to an Instagram post from POTUS about getting COVID-19 booster shots. Safe to say that I was naïve in thinking that all pro athletes in the outdoor industry were pro vaccine.

Disinformation clearly permeates all walks of life.


Everybody is entitled to their own ‘opinion’, but I would be lying if this didn’t trigger the hell out of me. I want to have a full-on blue-haired, liberal snowflake meltdown reading this comment.

I’ve acknowledged before that I’m completely aware that I rely on the internet for a living, but damn do I wish it didn’t exist sometimes. It’s so sad to see this disinformation affect so many people across the world. It’s even sadder to see it influence our heroes.

Please get the vaccine. I’m tired of this bullshit and I just want to write dumb jokes about tele-skiers and their tweed blazers.

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