NSFWL: Yoga Instructor Bit By Iguana While 'Influencing'

NSFWL: Yoga Instructor Bit By Iguana While 'Influencing'


NSFWL: Yoga Instructor Bit By Iguana While 'Influencing'


I hate the digital age.

I know that statement is contradictory considering I’m writing this blog on a website that will be viewed exclusively on digital devices, but I still hate it. I hate it for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of the term influencer. It’s just such a frustratingly vague term that is used in virtually every scenario in which a person is creating content online. Like a woman doing yoga on a beach, for example.

I don’t how this is considered ‘influencing’, but it definitely influenced me to laugh at loud as her stupid yoga video was ruined by a hungry iguana.


That iguana said NO INFLUENCING #influencersinthewild #fy #viral #xyzbca #fypシ #iguana #yoga

♬ original sound – Influencersinthewild

Can we all agree that she’s the jerk in this situation for throwing sand at that iguana? I’m not a member of PETA or anything, but I feel like if you’re doing yoga on an iguana’s front lawn then you should expect that this is a possibility, but also… HOW DARE HE RUIN HER YOGA TIK TOK! THERE’S JUST NO RESPECT FROM IGUANAS THESE DAYS. SMH.

I just realized that I might be considered an ‘influencer’ by definition in the skiing industry and I’m having a crippling moment of self-reflection… Oh well. I’m in too deep at this point.

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