Save More, Ski More: 5 Resorts Where You Can Camp The Parking Lot

Save More, Ski More: 5 Resorts Where You Can Camp The Parking Lot


Save More, Ski More: 5 Resorts Where You Can Camp The Parking Lot


Castle Mountain. Courtesy: Indy Ski Pass

This is the season to save money, and it might also be the season to avoid the “Jerrys” clogging up the lodges.

If you’re looking for cheap, socially distant skiing these resorts with RV hookups might be for you. Don’t have an RV? Pack an extra blankie and roll up the windows of your mom’s Tahoe. You can still camp in most of these ski areas lots.

Oh yeah… You can also ski two days at each of these resorts for only $199 with The Indy Pass. Yes, you read that right. It’s the deal of the season!

Castle Mountain, AB, Canada

Castle offers seasonal camping sites, but good luck trying to get one… You can enter their wait-list, but you’re better off booking one of their overnight spots. Overnight parking in their main lot is only $15/night and grants access to their shower houses and bathrooms.

Stay Castle

Pack the generator, hand over your $15 and enjoy a night at the base of one of Canada’s best ski areas.

49 Degrees North, WA

The ski area offers extremely affordable options for your RV this winter. You can pay $20/night with an electrical hookup, or only $10/night for a spot without.

49 Degrees North-Understanding Erben | Wenatchee Outdoors

Never skied in Washington, and want to avoid the crowded hotels/resorts? I can’t find a better cost-effective option than 49 Degrees North.

Lost Trail Powder Mountain, MT

LTPM doesn’t advertise overnight parking, but we have it on good authority that they allow camping in their parking lot. Check with an employee when you get there about where to park your vehicle.

Or if you’re not feeling like another chilly night in the back of your Subaru, check out LTPM’s yurts! Rates are $45/night per person with a 6 person minimum per yurt. Not a bad deal for a pseudo-camping experience at an awesome ski area.

I can personally attest that sleeping in a yurt at the base of a ski area is an unforgettable experience.

Ober Gatlinburg, TN

Before you scroll on by this ski resort in Tennessee, hear me out!

Ober Gatlinburg has the unique disposition of being a ski area located in a resort town not necessarily known for skiing. Which means there’s a lot more to do than just skiing.

Ober Gatlinburg, Winter Magic & Gatlinburg's Best Winter Excitement

Access the ski area via Tram!

An RV trip to Gatlinburg with your significant other (who maybe isn’t as crazy about skiing as you) could be the perfect trip. There are a plethora of camp site options in the area for your RV or camper van.

How To Improve The Slopes – Ober Gatlinburg

Pack up the van and enjoy relatively mild temps, skiing, restaurants, shops, hiking, and more in Gatlinburg. You can thank me later for convincing your wife to take another ski trip.

Hoodoo Ski Area, OR

Hoodoo, a sick ski area with an even sicker name has many options for your RV, camper, van, or car.

Hoodoo Ski Area_Austin Shepard

Courtesy: Men’s Journal

Prices range from as little as $10/night for your car, and up to $45/night for large RV spots. Spots come with an electrical hookup, and access to the lodge’s pay showers and bathrooms. Not too shabby to get those early-bird powder turns at Hoodoo.

Make sure to call for a reservation in advance!

It’s honestly unbelievable how affordable a trip can be to these resorts with an Indy Pass and a warm van. Which of these ski areas are you camping out at this season?

Featured Image: White Pass Ski Area, WA (offers camping too!)

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