Sisorarfiit-Skiliften is a ski resort located in Greenland’s Capital Region. It is considered part of the city of Nuuk. Luckily, Nuuk is home to an international airport, making the resort somewhat accessible. It is one of the very few lift-serviced ski hills in the country. Here are some stats to put how “remote” this resort is into perspective:

Nuuk Population: ~17,000

Distance From U.S: ~1,400 miles from northern most point of Maine

Distance from Arctic Circle: 150 miles

Ski lifts/runs in the town of Nuuk

This is my favorite post to type up each week. I’m always surprised on where ski resorts have popped up over the world. So far we have covered resorts in Africa, The Middle East, and an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This resort in Greenland is particular interesting. I know this is extremely ignorant of me to say, but I just always pictured Greenland as a desolate island of ice and polar bears. Again, super ignorant, but I didn’t think there would be enough people for a viable ski business. Obviously, I was wrong, and the people of Greenland enjoy skiing as much as any of us.

Sisorarfiit-Skiliften Stats:

Summit Elevation: 449 ft

Base Elevation: 32 ft

Vertical Drop: 417 ft.

Total Trails: ~.5 miles

Total Lifts: Two

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