SHIMANO Debuts E-Bike Automatic Shifting Internal Gear Hub

SHIMANO Debuts E-Bike Automatic Shifting Internal Gear Hub


SHIMANO Debuts E-Bike Automatic Shifting Internal Gear Hub


“Fully automatic shifting and start mode is available with Nexus Inter-5E dynamic internal gear hub, designed specifically for the unique demands of e-bike riding. Automatic shifting provides a smooth and stress-free riding experience by ensuring you are always in the right gear.”

Critics of the globally expanding e-bike industry will no doubt think of this auto shifting gear hub by Shimano as a step in the wrong direction but if you’re not a purist and looking for a mellow, low-calorie way to navigate the trails and streets this little device will make your days even simpler. Check out the demo reel, MORE INFO HERE:

“With automatic shifting your bike will change gear when you need it to; going up hills or down them, speeding up on the open road or slowing down in traffic. Start mode automatically down-shifts when you come to a stop so you are ready to pedal away with ease and control. With gear shifting done for you city cycling is even more fun and easy!”

Start mode


With traffic lights, stop signs and junctions city riding can be a bit stop and start. Always remembering to shift down before you stop, so you are in the right gear to start again can be tricky.

Using start mode on the Shimano Nexus Inter-5E dynamic internal gear hub means that your bike will automatically down-shift into the correct gear, ready for you to start pedalling again. Being in the right gear when you begin to pedal allows you to pull-away with control and get up to speed fast.


Easy city cycling

Automatic shifting and start-mode mean no more clunky gear changes or struggling to find a gear that is right for your effort level, based on your speed and how fast you are pedalling it automatically selects the right gear. It smooths out any surges from the motor caused by being in too hard a gear and provides the right level of  assistance when you set off, so you can ride with confidence and control. No more changing gear means one less thing to think about, perfect for stress-free city cycling. With automatic shifting all you have to do is enjoy the ride!

To experience the ease of riding a bike with a Shimano Nexus Inter-5E dynamic internal gear hub for yourself visit your nearest Shimano Dealer for a test-ride.

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