'Skate 4' Teased With Frustratingly Vague Trailer

'Skate 4' Teased With Frustratingly Vague Trailer


'Skate 4' Teased With Frustratingly Vague Trailer


Just in time for skateboarding to make its big debut at the Olympics, Electronic Arts (EA), is teasing the sequel to one its most beloved franchises.

It’s been 11 years since, arguably the best skateboarding video game ever created, Skate 3 was released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and EA is teasing Skate 4 with the most enraging teaser trailer of all time.

Sure, I’m happy that the game is officially announced and we will surely have a slow trickle of details about the game leading up to its release, but this is 2021, and I’m too used to the instant gratification of every single one of my desires.

So, EA, you think that by releasing a “trailer” that doesn’t provide any information related to the release date, gameplay, mechanics, or features is going to get me excited to play your dumb skateboard video game? Well… dammit… I can’t keep up this ruse any longer. I’m beyond excited for Skate 4 and this trailer does have me looking forward to the game more than ever.

Well done you marketing geniuses at EA, well done, but I will pretend to not be excited the next time you release a trailer for Skate 4 so I can get clicks on the internet…

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