The Weirdest Ski Training Drill I've Ever Seen

The Weirdest Ski Training Drill I've Ever Seen


The Weirdest Ski Training Drill I've Ever Seen


Skiers are inherently weird, but ski racers might take the cake for the strangest human beings out there. I mean think about it, they’re willing to bomb steep sheets of ice at ridiculous speeds so that they can brag that they’re the fastest and win a measly trophy or a medal.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching them ski sheets of ice at crazy fast speeds, but it’s not lost on me how bizarre that desire for speed is.

Ski racers have tried some wacky training drills over the years to keep them in shape during the off season, but this one might just be the strangest I’ve ever seen…

How does somebody even come up with this idea? Did they sit in a room trying to think of the best way to simulate skiing in the summer and this is what they came up with?

And the skier agreed it was a good idea? He must have been like:

“Yeah sure, let me balance on two ropes in ski boots and goggles and swat plastic cones that you throw at my face. This will push me over the competition next season. They’ll never see it coming!”

Whatever floats your boat, I guess…

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