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“There’s Nothing In The World Like Action Park!”

The Mountain Creek Waterpark, formerly known as Action Park, suffered a serious setback before its summer operations begin later this month. Located at Mountain Creek Ski Resort, their tornado waterslide, ironically name “High Anxiety”, caught on fire Tuesday. Local fire and EMS authorities got to the scene within minutes to safely extinguish the fire, leading to no injuries. The slide will remain closed when the waterpark season starts on June 19th, and will likely remain closed for the foreseeable future.

The Mountain Creek Water Park is on the former site of Action Park, the infamous water park that in the 1980s and ’90s hosted some of the most dangerous attractions on the planet. Because of lax rules, countless injuries and deaths occurred, making it one of the most memorable water parks in history. The water park closed in 1996 and rebranded to Mountain Creek Waterpark. Briefly in the 2010s, the waterpark rebranded again to become Action Park, but due to negative nickname connotations with the name(I.E. Class Action Park and Traction Park), the park went back to the Mountain Creek name. If you are ever looking for a great documentary on the water park, check out Defunctlands’ video below, or watch “Class Action Park” on HBO Max.

Image Credits: Mountain Creek 

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