Unofficial Hidden Gems: Vail Ski Resort

Unofficial Hidden Gems: Vail Ski Resort


Unofficial Hidden Gems: Vail Ski Resort


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Nestled away in Eagle County, CO lies the world’s most unknown ski resort: Vail. I often wonder how nobody has heard of this place?

I talk to all of my ski buddies about it and they always say, “Why would we go there?” or “Eh, it sounds really small, is it even worth our time?”.

Let me enlighten you on skiing’s “best kept” secret.

Vail is just a short drive from Denver, CO. You can take I-70 and it only takes an hour! This place is so unknown that there is absolutely no traffic, even on a powder day.

Seriously, why does nobody go here?

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A Typical Day on I-70

Vail also gives off that “home-mountain” feel. You won’t find ritzy restaurants, snobby skiers, or glamorous lodging. Instead, you will enjoy wide open slopes, cheap lift tickets, and a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Vail is known by locals as, “The Mad River Glen of the West”. I can see why!

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Luxury Living at Vail

Unbeknownst to most skiers and riders, Vail is a true hidden gem. Maybe this article will attract a lot of people there and change the culture! I hope so. I’m sure the residents, businesses, and Vail Resorts are really struggling.

I wonder if they’ve ever considered buying a bunch of resorts and putting them all under one pass? That would be EPIC! Seems like a good idea, but that’s just me.

Why not try Vail this season?

Be a hipster and get away from the more well known resorts!

Resort Stats:

Total Skiable Terrain: 5,289 acres

Total # of Runs: Does it really matter?

Vertical: 2,000,000 km

Average Snowfall: Less than Utah 😉

Average Lift Ticket Price: One arm, one leg, your firstborn child

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