Brooks Curran is the guy you’ve probably seen skiing dirt, grass, powder, ice, and everything else you can find in Vermont over the last few years.

The dude is insane, and his most recent POV clip from a postseason run at Sugarbush is more of the same.

I mean I love skiing as much as the next guy who has an entire room of his house dedicated to skiing memorabilia, pictures, and gear but god damn does Brooks Curran take it to the next level!

Can somebody explain to me how these dudes don’t end up tomahawking head over their tips as soon as they hit a patch of dirt?

A patch of slushy snow on a spring skiing day at A Basin speed-checked me into next week but these guys handle it no problem when their skis go from snow to mud/rock/dirt.

Doesn’t make sense, but I’m here for it.

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