Snowboard Company Debuts Sustainable Wood Bike

Snowboard Company Debuts Sustainable Wood Bike


Snowboard Company Debuts Sustainable Wood Bike


“I believed in the mission of creating a totally sustainable form of transportation, but when they said a wooden bike, I was like, ‘You guys have got to be crazy'” –Nick Gilson 

Gilson Snow has been pumping out snowboards and skis at its plant near Winfield, PA for nearly a decade but now the company has a new product and its really frigging sweet.

WNEP reports Gilson’s ski and snowboard production was shut down for nearly two months last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic and during that downtime some of the company’s engineers decided to build an ultra-light city cruiser dubbed the “Pardee Bike” named after a local swimming spot.  Owner Nick Gilson says it’s manufactured using the same technology as their snowboards:

“Other bikes rely on modern engineering with steel. We’re really relying on the cellular structure of Mother Nature, and we’ve really paired Mother Nature’s building blocks with the latest in lamination science.”

Last week, the team unveiled the bikes with a Kickstarter campaign that includes an energy-saving project:

“We launched this project, and within four hours, we were 119 percent to goal and just absolutely shocked. Pardee Bikes will be on its mission to creating the world’s most sustainable form of transportation with seeds here in Pennsylvania that grow American Hard Maple.” 

Tip of the cap to Gilson and their new venture into sustainable bike production. For more information on Pardee Bikes, click here.


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