5 Snacks to Pack While Ripping the Single Track

Mountain Bike Snacks

5 Snacks to Pack While Ripping the Single Track


5 Snacks to Pack While Ripping the Single Track


May is National Bike Month. Time to stash your skis and snowboard and hit the trails with, the next best form of human transportation, your mountain bike. When it comes to riding, proper nutrition is crucial to your success. Your body needs fuel to insure that you have enough energy to complete your ride. Fuel in the form of protein, carbohydrates and fat is crucial. So too is staying hydrated, therefore it’s important to pack the right snacks when out mountain biking for prolonged periods of time.

Obviously, the snack itself is important but it also needs to be portable and easy to consume. You can’t just whip up a protein shake and take that along for the ride. It’s just not practical. So with all this in mind, here are five snacks to pack next time you are out looping the single track.

Lenny and Larry’s “The Boss” Cookie Variety Pack – $28.99

Lenny and Larry's

Photo Credit: Lenny and Larry’s

Lenny and Larry’s is known for its high protein “Complete Cookie”. Yes, you read that right, a protein packed cookie. Does it get any better? Apparently it does. Their new “Boss Cookie” is a fresh take on the original. With 18g of protein it offers a good protein to carb ratio that will keep you satiated during your ride.

Miraflora Sport Sparkling CBD Beverage – From $20

Miraflora Sparkling CBD Beverage

Photo Credit – Miraflora

CBD beverages are quickly becoming the new go-to sports drink for athletes. Miraflora is taking this trend and running (or biking) with it. Their Sport drink is naturally flavored and includes 35 mg of hemp flower extract, amino acids and coconut water to give your muscles the recovery boost they’ll need post ride.

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky – From $23.95

Chef's Cut Real Jerkey

Chef’s Cut is all about high quality meat snacks and is partnering with TV personalities, The Grill Dads for a Jerky 101 digital video series. Made with premium cuts of US-sourced steaks it has ABSOLUTELY no sugar and an 26 grams of protein per bag. Not sure if  the Grill Dads mountain bike but the jerky is an excellent healthy snack choice for your ride.

Raisels – From $29.99


Photo Credit: Raisels

Sour, sweet, spicy flavored raisins…yup, super sus. Trying them however is believing and once you do, you may not put them down. 100% real fruit and no artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup, makes them healthy, while flavors like Watermelon Shock and Chili Limón Pineapple make them more than your average raisin.

Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel – $35.99

Tailwind Endurance Fuel

Photo Credit: Tailwind Nutrition

Whether you are rocking a hydration pack or just a water bottle on the frame, Tailwind Nutrition’s Endurance Fuel is a must. Endurance Fuel mixes easily, tastes great and is easy for the body to digest. Designed to meet your calorie, electrolyte and hydration needs it’s the sport drink you need without the usual gut bomb.

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