^The ‘backsides’ of the board collection

You may or may not recall that Burton released a controversial line of snowboards in 2009 called the “Burton Love” collection that featured pictures of 1970s Playboy models.

The series was discontinued after enough backlash from those less keen on female nudity proudly displayed on snowboards across the world.

Looks like some dude collected all 5 signature boards and is selling the set for a cool $15,000 on eBay.

Burton 'Love' Snowboards | Snowboarding Blog | Snowboarding Days

Don’t worry, the boards haven’t been drilled, ridden, or used… for snowboarding purposes at least… 😆

If these things end up selling will it set the record for the most expensive collection of functional items with pornographic images on them ever sold?

Maybe… we are talking $3,000 per 12 year-old snowboard!

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