The Winter '20-'21 Photo Contest WINNERS Are Here!

The Winter '20-'21 Photo Contest WINNERS Are Here!


The Winter '20-'21 Photo Contest WINNERS Are Here!


^Honorable Mention: Alan Gofberg, Crested Butte, CO

Thank you to all who submitted photos for this year’s inaugural photo contest!

We had dozens of submissions, and we genuinely appreciate everybody who shared a glimpse into their season.

Without further ado, here are the winners for this year’s photo contest.


Jacob Winey: “Rocky Mountain National Park alpine classics.” @jacobwiney


Mike Saemisch: “Brian Head, Utah, 2/26/21, with Southern Utah red rock formations in the distance. We had a relatively dry year but still had lots of good skiing to be found.” Facebook: Life Of Brian Head


Jon Giel: “Not necessarily a photo of skiing or riding, but I was able to capture this photo of Crested Butte from my drone at sunset. It was taken March 6, when Colorado was experiencing some unusually warm weather before the next storm cycle hit.”

Instagram: @TheRealJGiel


Takuma Mihara: “FWT athlete Tom Peiffer going off of the second step of Whistler Peak’s famous Air Jordan in late December.”

Instagram: @shralplord


Benoit Charbonneau: “Touring in the Chic-Chocs, Quebec, Canada in early feb 2021. Photographer: Marc-André Pichette”

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