Can we get a round of applause for this dude Sangay Lama (foreground of picture above) who has spent  10+ years cleaning and maintaining the high-altitude Tsomgo lake in northern India? Also known as Changu, the lake rests at an altitude of 12,406 feet and is a popular destination providing tourists with inspiring images and experiences of the spectacular alpine region. The Print reports that in 2008, Lama started the Tsomgo Pokhri Sanrakshan Samiti (TPSS), a lake conservation committee with representatives of local and international stakeholders who understand the environmental, economic, and social value returned from active conservation. In addition to conducting outreach to educate the local community and visitors about the relevant environmental issues, the organization coordinates twice daily trash pick-ups for the 52 local shops that sell food and handcrafted wears to lake visitors. TPSS was awarded the ‘Best NGO’ award in 2013 by Chief Minister Dr. Pawan Kumar Chamling.

As the second most populous country with the fastest growing population, India is a nation plagued with public service and infrastructure (especially waste management) challenges. Here’s a hat tip to men like Sangay Lama and organizations like the TPSS who see a need and do their part to make the world a better place.

images from Tsomgo pokhri Sanrakshan Samiti – TPSS Facebook