The Best Flutag Designs Of All Time

The Best Flutag Designs Of All Time

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The Best Flutag Designs Of All Time


The Red Bull Flutag is one of the most entertaining events held in the world, and these are the most memorable designs in its history.

I gotta hand it to the ‘Air Pug’ guys. Nothing better than dogs, right?

Red Bull“A flying contest like no other… where anyone and everyone can let their creativity fly and take a punt at launching their homemade machines and masterpieces into the abyss.

Teams are scored on their showmanship, creativity and flare for design… Over the years some of these creations have left us amused, bemused, speachless and scratching our heads in amazement! Here are 8 designs that for one reason or another, REALLY captured our attention! Enjoy!🤩”

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