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Powder Mountain, located near Eden, UT, is the first ski resort in North America to offer injury medical insurance for all of its season passholders.

As North America’s largest ski resort by acreage, the ski resort was looking for a unique way to add more value to their coveted season passes.

The added value comes in an industry-first partnership with injury insurance company, Spot.

I had the chance to speak with Spot’s CEO Matt Randall, and COO Maria Goy about their relatively-new company, and what Spot injury insurance means for Powder Mountain’s season pass holders.

SPOT - Life by Spot Inc. Trademark Registration

Spot is, essentially, an ‘insurance company’ that encourages its members to seek adventure without fear of paying exorbitant medical bills should they get injured.

The company offers subscriptions plans starting at $25/month, and covers injuries up to $20,000. This includes: doctor bills, surgeries, physical therapy, medical devices, etc.

Basically if you go out on the mountain and break your arm hucking a big cliff, Spot has you covered. If some asshole rams into you while you’re minding your own business in the bike lane, Spot has you covered. Even if you fall down your stairs because you thought ‘I don’t need to tie my shoes’, Spot has you covered.

Purchasing a season pass at Powder Mountain grants the passholder full injury insurance, and removes some of the legal risks taken on by the ski resort.

Press at Powder Mountain

^Courtesy: Powder Mountain

Matt Randall (Spot CEO), in case you forgot already, told me that ski resorts get sued all of the time, and end up paying large cash settlements to the injured skier rather than fighting it in court. Having Spot as part of the pass alleviates some of those financial risks.

Powder Mountain also offers Spot injury insurance as an add-on for day pass holders. Guests are given a $5-$6 add-on option that covers them for any injuries they sustain while on the mountain.

Pretty neat, huh?

Well, Travis Rice and Julian Carr think so, too.

Image of Travis Rice

^Travis Rice

Both are representatives for the company, and Randall told me he was invited out to Jackson Hole to watch The Natural Selection Tour by Travis Rice himself.

Spot also covered a gruesome injury sustained by one of the employees of The Natural Selection Tour. He got a little too close to a chainsaw that was used to build the ramps for the competition. Spot is covering medical bills related to the incident. Wild.

Image of Julian Carr

^Julian Carr

Randall and Goy explained that most policy holders use Spot to pay for their deductible, but many young athletes have Spot as their primary insurance because of how affordable it is.

I see this product as the ultimate peace-of-mind for adventure seekers including skiers and riders.

I wouldn’t be surprised if more ski resorts hop on the Spot train and offer similar coverage to their season pass and day pass holders.

You can learn more about Spot here.

Featured Image Courtesy: FACEBOOK/Powder Mountain

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