The owner of a restaurant at Big White Ski Resort in BC has issued an apology after videos of a raging party at his establishment held Monday night went viral. The restaurant is not associated with the Big White corporation, other than being located at the resort. Revelers can be seen dancing maskless on tables while social-distancing guidelines are being completely ignored. The owner of Charley Victoria’s says he’s sorry and admits what he did was wrong. While officials at the ski resort accept his apology as sincere, they have terminated the restaurant’s lease and evicted the tenant.

Full interview with Michael J. Ballingal of Big White:

I take full ownership for this ignorant decision that I made out of pure selfish frustration over the recent announcement, regarding COVID restrictions in our community. My decision to let his happen was wrong. I take full accountability for accept all consequences of this poor decision. As a community, we have all been working so hard and making sacrifices to curb COVID-19 and keep each other safe, and what happened at Charley’s Monday night was unacceptable and did not demonstrate leadership or compassion for my community, in which I care deeply about. Charley’s was created to be a safe space for all-mountain goers and I let you all down, and for that, I’m deeply sorry.
I would like to apologize to Big White Ski Resort, as they have shown me respect and have welcomed me into their business community during Charley’s first year of operation and I’m aware and realize what I potentially jeopardized for them, and for that, I’m truly sorry.
I would also like to apologize to my staff. The Charley’s team has made my business what it is today and is the reason so many people have enjoyed coming here, I owe you all so much, and will work to earn your trust back as a leader.
The frontline and essential workers in the Okanagan are the true hero’s and have put our health and safety first as we have navigated the pandemic, I’m so very sorry for the disrespect I’ve displayed.
My deepest apologies,
Justin Reid, Owner, Charley Victoria’s

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