Skiing Curiosities: 11' Yeti Sculpture- Mission Ridge, WA

Skiing Curiosities: 11' Yeti Sculpture- Mission Ridge, WA


Skiing Curiosities: 11' Yeti Sculpture- Mission Ridge, WA


Image Courtesy: FACEBOOK/Mission Ridge Yeti, Chalie Naismath

Mission Ridge Ski Resort might not be the most well-known resort in the PNW, but it’s 11′ Yeti sculpture is sure to turn heads.

The Yeti was created by local Wenatchee, WA artists who wanted to give their home a resort a gift to celebrate its 50th anniversary back in 2016.

The three artists began working on the project in the Fall of 2016, and debuted the statue atop Mission Ridge prior to the 2019 season.


^Artists Kasey Koski, Zeb Postelwait, and Thad Brewer, Courtesy: The Wenatchee World

The Yeti stands 11′ tall, and rests on a 2′ base.

It towers above the ski resort, and is made of steel tubing and hundreds of pounds of reused chain.

In the warmer months, the Yeti looks more like a Sasquatch with the brownish-red color from the rusted chains that cover the statue from head-to-toe.

That changes in the winter.

Yeti 1.jpg

^Courtesy: Mission Ridge Yeti 

Similar to the famous ‘snow ghosts’ we see at ski areas across the PNW, the Yeti is blanketed in a thick coat of wet snow in the winter.

The result is quite awesome.

No photo description available.

^Courtesy: Mission Ridge Yeti 

Mission Ridge’s Yeti sculpture is a must-see for those that enjoy the peculiar things in life.

He definitely makes for a memorable photo-op!


^Mission Ridge Yeti Sculpture, Courtesy: The Wentachee World

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