If you own a DSP avalanche transceiver by PIEPS manufactured between 2013 and 2020 or know someone that does, be advised they have issued a “voluntary product correction program” for the devise. PIEPS has conducted extensive evaluations of the safety and performance of the affected products, including internal and third-party testing and have concluded that the products comply with international standards, are properly designed, and perform as intended. Nevertheless, PIEPS has recently developed a hardcase carrying system to be used with the DSP PRO, DSP PRO ICE and DSP SPORT that the transceivers can only be used when set and locked in the “send” position. Here is the their statement:  

PIEPS announces a voluntary product correction program to better secure the lock and switch mechanism of its DSP avalanche transceivers. The correction consists of a new hardcase carrying system to ensure that the DSP PRO, DSP PRO ICE and DSP SPORT avalanche transceivers are set to “send” mode before use, and remain locked in “send” mode during use. This new hardcase carrying system replaces the neoprene carrying system that was supplied with the DSP avalanche transceivers, which should now be discarded. The DSP products affected were manufactured between 2013 and 2020.

Pieps has received inquiries relating to the DSP PRO, DSP PRO ICE and DSP SPORT avalanche transceivers. These models all use an identical mechanical lock-and-switch mechanism to set the product to “send” mode. We believe these inquiries were prompted by two avalanche accidents: one in 2017 and one in spring 2020. Following these accidents, there were allegations that the security lock/switch mechanism of the DSP PRO/SPORT had malfunctioned during the avalanches. However, tests have shown that the lock/switch mechanism on the DSP PRO, DSP PRO ICE and DSP SPORT meets all relevant safety standards. GO HERE FOR MORE INFO

Black Diamond is the North American Distributor of PIEPS, they issued this statement via Instagram: 

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