Which Resort Produces The Best Skiers?

Which Resort Produces The Best Skiers?


Which Resort Produces The Best Skiers?


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Need a heated internet debate in your life?

Look no further than our recent Facebook question:

Top Answers

Michael H: “I can resolve this debate. I have skied all the resorts mentioned on this post and have been the best skier at everyone of these mountains. I took my first lesson at Shawnee. So Shawnee”

You gotta shoot your shot, I guess?

John K: “Working in the ski industry for many years the best skiers I knew were from the east coast. They’d make turns off rocks and trees and dirt and stuff and still be able to handle deep powder. So east coast skiers. Boarders, west coast for sure.”

Bryan E: “I have heard a lot of people from a lot of different home mountains say, “If you can ski here, you can ski anywhere.”. Go ski Alyeska Resort. I grew up skiing in Utah. I learned how to ski at Alyeska Resort.”

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Courtesy: Alyeska Resort

Andrew H: Anyone from Quebec that now lives in Whistler.”

Nicholas D: “The best skiers, IMO, usually grow up racing on the east coast, go to a private ski racing HS, ski for a NCAA school, drop out and then move to a western mountain town and become a dishwasher.”

A tale old as time.

Ben D: “Whitefish Montana – Tanner Hall, Adam Delorme, Maggie Vosin, Parkin Costain among many others. Not even close. My theory is our mountain is so foggy all the time you basically learn to ski blind. Got Fog?”

Alana C: “Have to make note of Todd Brooker and Steve Podborski. Three wins at Kitzbuhel between the two of them. Both from 700’ of ice in Collingwood, Ontario!”

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Courtesy: Mad River Glen

Ryan F: “Mad River Glenn. Then they hone their skills in Alta.”

Travis C: “Resorts don’t produce the best skiers.”

Christopher C: “Nationwide or globally? Sun Valley or Squaw nationally. Maybe Chamonix?”

Christopher F: “Squallywood”

Eric G: “Jay Peak”

Personal vote: Smuggs

Scott S: “Snowbird ⛷”

Cory L: “Taos, NM”

Jimmy W:


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