Check out this full movie about a Swedish couple who cross-country roller skated ~350 miles from the Netherlands to Sweden.

They document the absolute suffer-fest hill climb, beautiful scenery, wildlife, camping, down hilling, and more.

I wonder where they… uh… never mind, sorry.

WeLeaf: “The last part of our world trip brings us to Scandinavia. This time we travel on roller skis (cross country skiing on wheels). We pull a trailer behind us and start an unknown adventure. There is almost no information on the internet because just few people ever tried to travel this way. We skate from the Netherlands to Sweden, 3.350 kilometers. It’s the last part of our four year world trip. The next plan: writing our book!

** Comment on the broken frame: We used an older Powerslide frame for this trip. The company never experienced that a frame broke this way. The reason is probably the excess weight we had in our trailers because we loaded 20 kilograms extra food in the trailers (on top of 45 kilograms). When we hiked the AT, we had to change our new shoes after 1.000+ kilometers. It’s normal that our gear wears out, especially when we use it so intensively. Powerslide is very happy that we tested the skates so extensively and will make sure that this is taking into account in the product design. In general we are extremely happy with our contact with Powerslide. They helped us out a couple of times during the trip, and have sent us a new frame so we can continue skating in the future.

We are Zoë and Olivier, together we are WeLeaf. We are travelling around the world on human power since September 2016. We left Amsterdam by bicycle, hitchhiked across the Atlantic Ocean, cycled the Americas, north and south, hiked on the AT, did the complete Northern Forest Canoe Trail and skied for two months in the Quebec winter. You can follow our adventures on Youtube and one of our social channels.”