Featured Image Courtesy: Lahti City Skis

City Ski share point. Courtesy: Lahti City Skis

The city of Lahti, Finland is rolling out a brand new urban cross-country ski-sharing program to reduce carbon emissions.

Lahti is the reigning ‘European Green Capital’, and has already cut greenhouse gas emissions by 70% since 1990.

The City Skis program works similarly to the ‘city bikes’ programs that can be found all over the world. Skiers can simply borrow a pair of skis from three points around the city, and return them after use. New trails have been created across city sidewalks.

Leave it to the Fins to create new and cool eco-friendly ways for transportation. I’m trying to imagine a system like this working in a town or city in the US, but I have my doubts.

Maybe in a ski town like Aspen, Park City, Vail, or Crested Butte?

Do you want an urban ski-sharing program in your town?