VIDEO: Daron Rahlves Regular Ski Maintenance Tutorial

VIDEO: Daron Rahlves Regular Ski Maintenance Tutorial


VIDEO: Daron Rahlves Regular Ski Maintenance Tutorial


Your skis obviously don’t need a base grind after trip to mountain but there are some simple guidelines we should all be following before putting our gear aside for the next day. Follow along with World Cup/Olympic ski legend Daron Rahlves as he walks through his routine to keep his equipment squared away and ready to rip:


-Wipe skis down, let dry and warm, check edges and base for any damage

-Fix any problems like a base edge rock damaged area use a bevel guide, then move to side edge and sharpen edges with file in file guide

-Follow with diamond stone and side edge polish oil then finish edge work with ceramic stone.

-Wipe down edge and base after every pass with file of stone. Clean base and tools with cleaner and conditioner. Let the base dry.


– Brush the base with a steel brush to clean it out and open the structure, wipe clean, for a quick wax to protect the base, rub wax on and brush out with stiff nylon roto or hand brush, finish with brass brush tip to tail passes and wipe clean before strapping up.

– For hot wax, drip wax to cover the base, take quick passes with iron to spread wax then finish with a slower tip to tail pass, let cool, clean sidewalls with a scraper and scotchbrite pad, add WEND Rahlves Race paste to sidewalls, scrape the wax off base with smooth and sharp scraper making sure all the wax is cleaned off, then brush with brass scrubbing back and forth then same with stiff nylon. The more you brush the better. Make them shine!

-Strap up and you’re ready to RIP!

Daron has a signature line of ski tuning material with WEND Waxworks you can explore HERE.

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