You might recall that Powder Magazine printed its last issue just a few weeks ago. Another reminder that the way people ingest media, stories, and pictures is dramatically shifting to digital.

So why is Mountain Gazette, an outdoors magazine that has set idle for the last 8 years, starting to print? Because print ain’t dead. 

Issue 194 Cover - Mountain Gazette

I subscribed to Mountain Gazette a couple of months ago after reading a thread on Twitter about Mike Rogge’s mission to resurrect the publication. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first.

Could two publications a year really be worth $60 of my hard-earned ski blogger money? Can’t I just read skiing, and stories about the outdoors online? Should I subscribe to a magazine run by a guy who criticized my reporting on Powder Magazine’s closure?

The answers to the questions above are: I think so, yes, yes, and I can take a little heat, I’ll give it a shot.

Mountain Gazette’s 194th issue is remarkable. Rather than your standard 8″x11″ magazine, MG goes absolutely massive with 11″x17″ pages that are truly jaw-dropping.

The print images in this magazine are worth the $60 alone.

A beautiful two-page image of Cannon Mountain’s tram. Courtesy: Mountain Gazette

I won’t dive too much into the content included in MG out of respect for their property, but here is the table of contents to showcase how diverse the stories are.

They range from stories about skiing, drinking with a dead woman, dogs, and an interview with the governor of Colorado.

I am thoroughly enjoying this magazine so far, and figured I’d spread the good word for a great piece of print journalism. I think you’ll enjoy this publication as much as I have.

I believe that long-form publications and high-res photos need print to be fully-appreciated.

I also believe that online publications like Unofficial Networks, and print publications like Mountain Gazette can exist simultaneously.

You can check out more info about Mountain Gazette here.

I’m already getting excited for #195!