Cimarron Mountain Club, located near Montrose, CO, is the most exclusive ski club in the world. The club limits membership to 13 total owners, and requires a $3 million fee.

According to The Colorado Sun, Cimarron just sold their remaining 7 memberships in the last few weeks amid uncertainty with COVID-19.

Cimarron Mountain Club

Just when I thought that skiing was gradually getting more accessible, I’m reminded that the 1% continues to find new ways to avoid skiing with us common folks.

Take a look at what $3+ million gets you at Cimarron Mountain Club.

Downhill Terrain: “1,000 acres of private skiing terrain and 950 additional skiable acres on adjacent public lands – 60+ ski runs”

Nordic/other Terrain: “Miles of trails for Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, fat tire e‑bike riding, mountain biking, and hiking.”

Uphill Transportation: Unlimited cat skiing.

Cimarron Colorado powder skiing 01
Nordic Skiing at Cimarron

Ski Bums: None.

Photos are probably the only way you and I will ever be able to see what Cimarron Mountain Club looks like. Check ’em out.

*All photos courtesy of Cimarron Mountain Club.*

Cimarron Colorado powder skiing 12

Cimarron Colorado powder skiing 11

Cimarron Colorado powder skiing 02

Cimarron Colorado powder skiing 07

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