Ski Exoskeleton Claims You Will Feel "20 Years Younger"

Ski Exoskeleton Claims You Will Feel "20 Years Younger"


Ski Exoskeleton Claims You Will Feel "20 Years Younger"


Bold claims from Ski-Mojo about their passive knee exoskeleton for skiing which is said to relieve 1/3 of the strain in the knees while skiing and make you feel “20 years younger” on the slopes. Very interesting product for those of us looking to turn back the clock on our ski careers by way of Robocop style add-ons. Check the video, let us know what you think:

“Ski-Mojo is an exoskeleton made especially for skiers and snowboarders. It’s an intelligent knee brace, using kinetic energy of springs to unload 1/3rd of the pressure on the knees and legs whilst skiing. It stabilises the knees. It’s delaying muscular fatigue. It is transferring more power to the skis. It has been conceived for all skiers to ski longer and have more fun. It is used by skiers with knackered knees to relieve the pain or by pro skiers to recover faster from injury or to enhance technical skills. Ski-Mojo is Augmented Skiing as it increases endurance, safety, performance and pleasure.”


The Ski ~ Mojo is a mechanism based on a powerful adjustable spring supporting approximately 1/3 of the body’s weight. By compressing the springs during the flexion phase, it restores energy and increases muscle power tenfold during the extension.

The suspension effect of the springs decreases shock and reduces pressure on the knees. It also relieves the hips and back.

Bending the knees requires an imperceptible expenditure of additional energy. This additional work of the hamstrings estimated at 10%, combined with a contraction of the quadriceps reduced by 30%, tends to protect the cruciate ligaments.

The production of lactic acid, making the muscles ineffective, will be delayed and limited. The risks of accidents related to fatigue as well as muscle stiffness are thus reduced.

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