Pro Snowmobiler Designs Sports Prosthetics After Leg Amputated

Pro Snowmobiler Designs Sports Prosthetics After Leg Amputated


Pro Snowmobiler Designs Sports Prosthetics After Leg Amputated


Back in 2008 a pro snowmobile racer, Monster Mike Schultz, had his left leg amputated above the knee. Seven months later, he was zooming around on a dirt bike wearing a prosthetic leg that he designed and built himself. Drawing inspiration from the suspension systems of snowmobiles and dirtbikes, Mikeis using his ingenuity to help other athletes reach their full potential through his company, BioDapt. (PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BELOW):


The VF2 Foot is a high-performance prosthetic foot to be used for sport and recreational activities for both above and below knee amputees. What makes this foot system step ahead of the rest is its ability to absorb shock and impact, customized sole plate options for different activities and its wide range of adjustability and tuning options.  The design is based on the famed Versa Foot that has been the choice of the best Parasnowboarders in the world. In March 2018, there were 15 athletes from around the world that compete in the Paralympic games in South Korea while using the BioDapt Versa Foot.  Of those athletes, there were 11 total medals won between Snowboardcross and Banked Slalom.  We have improved on that design by adding a carbon sole plate, heel cushion and patented 4 bar link which improves shock efficiency and lowers the overall profile that allows for better fit when used inside a shoe or boot.   The VF2 is the ultimate in versatility for high impact sport use that will allow you to push harder, go bigger and get the most out of your sport.


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