Gondola Connecting Two Alberta Ski Resorts Remains In The Works

Gondola Connecting Two Alberta Ski Resorts Remains In The Works


Gondola Connecting Two Alberta Ski Resorts Remains In The Works


A gondola connecting Banff and Mount Norquay remains high on the wish list of the company behind the proposed project. The Calgary Herald reports Liricon Capital Ltd. confirmed Thursday that it plans to present a second proposal for government approval to build the ambitious aerial tramway after the companies first submission was denied last December by Parks Canada. Parks Canada claimed the completion of such an eco-transit hub would have negatively affected public use of the Mount Norquay access road.

Since then plans have been scaled back and discussions between the two parties “of a smaller project” that still includes a gondola from the Banff train station to the base of Norquay have been “very constructive” per Liricon Capital partner Jan Waterous. The objective remains the same…combine rail, shuttle service, and aerial transit to reduce traffic congestion in the national park. Specifically by enhancing Norquay’s “ecological integrity by removing Norquay guest traffic off the six-kilometre access road while enhancing the visitor experience.”
They want to stress the gondola is not about adding another tourist attraction to the Banff area, but creating an environmentally sound form of transportation that lowers traffic congestion and supports the ecological integrity of the national park. Liricon has been working with the University of Calgary to measure what effect the fully implemented vision would have on the reduction of greenhouse gases in the park and plans to release those findings to the public soon.
We will be sure to update this story as it develops.

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