Snowboarder Seriously Injured Attempting Tuckerman Ravine

Snowboarder Seriously Injured Attempting Tuckerman Ravine


Snowboarder Seriously Injured Attempting Tuckerman Ravine


A 22 year old man from Framingham, Massachusetts was seriously injured Saturday after falling a “great distance” while attempting to snowboard down Tuckerman Ravine on Mount Washington on Saturday around 2:30 p.m. CBS Boston reports Ian Brown slipped and fell on the descent and his friends quickly rushed to help him. Luckily, a doctor who was not with the group but was in the area planning on skiing saw Brown’s injuries and was able to assist.

Rescue crews were dispatched and brought Brown down to Hermit Lake Shelter. After he was checked there, Brown was transported down the mountain via ATV, then taken by ambulance to Memorial Hospital in Conway. Brown’s injuries were described as serious but non-life threatening.

“Officers determined that Mr. Brown and the group with him were not experienced “back-country” snowboarders and did not have some necessary safety equipment that would have likely saved Mr. Brown from injury including micro-spikes and self-arrest gear” –New Hampshire Fish and Game

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