Really cool grizzly sighting filmed on May 23rd in Grand Teton National Park by father and son who have both guided in Yellowstone. Looks like momma bear was content trotting by the pickup truck as the pair filmed but the cubs needed to stand up and their hind legs to investigate the sound of the engine firing up. Really neat thing see first hand:

“My son and I went to Grand Teton National Park to look for wildlife. Both of us have been guides in Yellowstone national park. My son Adam is currently a guide. There was a grizzly bear sighting that we drove to. We saw the bear go behind the trees and drop down so we thought that she might come out in another location. We were about to back up and the bear 610 walked upright out of the trees where we began to video her and her two yearling cubs. Our location was Teton Park Rd. just east of Jackson Lake.”


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