Monster Avalanche @ Yellowstone Club (6ft Slab/1800ft Width)

Monster Avalanche @ Yellowstone Club (6ft Slab/1800ft Width)


Monster Avalanche @ Yellowstone Club (6ft Slab/1800ft Width)


“A very large wet slab avalanche released on an east aspect with an estimated 6-8′ deep crown.” –Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center

An absolute monster slide released at the private ski resort, The Yellowstone Club, in Montana on May 19th. Luckily the slopes were empty and no one was injured. Most likely this would have been mitigated before building up this much potential energy in normal times but without ski patrol out bombing on the reg, gargantuan avalanches like this can happen. Here’s Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center report:

“Yesterday afternoon (May 19th) a very large wet slab slid naturally at the Yellowstone Club. It was 6-8 feet deep and hundreds of feet wide. The YC ski patrol director mentioned it is the largest slide he has seen there. 

Warm temperatures and rain this week create poor snow stability, and not great sliding conditions. If you head to the hills this spring remain heads up for avalanches. Stay clear of steep snow covered slopes that may slide naturally as the day heats up.”

Yellowstone Club

Elevation: 9840
Avalanche Type: Wet slab avalanche
Trigger: Cornice fall
Problem Type  ;Wet Snow
Slab Thickness: 72.0 inches
Vertical Fall: 950ft
Slab Width: 1800ft
A very large wet slab avalanche released on an east aspect of the YC. It was not human triggered. This is the biggest slide he has seen on the shoulder with an estimated 6-8′ deep crown. The slide hit a tower. R4/D3.5.
From e- mail (5/20): “Got a better look today. WS-NC-R4.5-D3.5. Trigger looked to be from a cornice fall. The crown was measured at 1800’ in length and ran full path, 950’. NE facing slope at 9840’. The crown was mostly between 6-8’, but ranged from 4’ to 9’. The cornice fall occurred on a shallower section of the snowpack.”




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