Best Cold Weather Cot On The Market

Best Cold Weather Cot On The Market


Best Cold Weather Cot On The Market


Ya know those road signs that say “bridge may be icy”, well that’s because in the winter cold air flows both over and under bridges creating colder conditions that freeze up faster. The same principle applies when you wake up shivering while sleeping on a cot, at least that was until Helinox came out with The Insulated Cot One Convertible ($449.95). If you’re a cot camper, this puppy is a gamechanger:

“Comfortable and warm, this pad is tailored to fit the Helinox Cot One to turn it into a four-season camp bed. Soft and supportive, the 2.5-inch thick pad self-inflates for easy set-up and is filled with synthetic insulation to create a barrier from the cold. Made for years of outdoor use, the durable foam resists punctures and abrasion. Soft, supportive, and with an R-Value of 5, the Insulated Cot One Pad is a great addition to the Cot One, and great for four-season campers, fall hunting trips, and year-round road trips (R-value measures the material’s ability to insulate; the higher the R-value, the warmer the sleeping pad). The 2 pounds 14 ounces pad has a sleeping area of 75 x 27 inches, easily packs into its streamlined 27 x 6-inch stuff sack for transport.”

  • Comfortable, warm self-inflating insulated pad designed for camping and backpacking and sized to fit the Helinox Cot One
  • Insulated pad self-inflates for easy set-up, provides excellent cushioning, has an R-Value of 5, and easily deflates for compact packability
  • Foam insulation provides durable performance and comfort in winter temperatures
  • Specifically designed and sized for the Helinox Cot One Convertible
  • 75 x 27 inch sleeping area; 2.5 inches, weighs 2pounds 14ounces; packs into included 27 x 6 inch stuff sack; backed by manufacturer’s 5 year warranty

Here’s a cot assembly video sans insulation:


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