For Sale: Iconic Used Chairlifts For $500

For Sale: Iconic Used Chairlifts For $500


For Sale: Iconic Used Chairlifts For $500


Looking for a chairlift to hang on your front porch or in your den? is selling Saddleback’s iconic Sandy chairs for just $500 USD. 

Listing Info: Saddleback’s iconic Sandy chairs are now reduced.  There are 47 Sandy Chairs left available.   Saddleback and RASC completely appreciate your generosity. Every purchase is tax deductable under our non-profit status.  Thank you for supporting Saddleback!

Please keep in mind these chairs are made of wood and metal.  They are awkward to move and have been sitting outside for a number of years.  All sales are As-Is.

I looked into having one shipped to our Unofficial HQ in the Adirondack mountains, shipping was just $100!


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