10 Unwritten Rules of Skiing and Snowboarding

10 Unwritten Rules of Skiing and Snowboarding


10 Unwritten Rules of Skiing and Snowboarding


Every skier and snowboarder should know these unwritten rules before hitting the mountain. Hopefully these will come in handy for some of you…next season.

1. Fill the chairlift to maximum capacity on a busy day. If you don’t, you will be judged.

Image result for 8 person chairlift

2. If you cut the lift line be prepared to feel the wrath of the masses.

3. If you smell something *skunky* in the woods, just keep skiing.

4. Telemark skiers think other skiers are impressed by their skills.

5. Every skier of fat boards believes they own the mountain.

6. Every snowboarder thinks they are better than they are.

Image result for snowboard accident gif

7. Texans love skiing in jeans.

Image result for skiing in jeans

8. Gapers will have their photo taken and submitted to Jerry Of The Day.

Image result for gaper

9. Every ski resort has at least one “Mardi Gras Tree”.

Image result for mardi gras tree ski resort

10. “Slow Skiing Zones” are a joke. (Unless you’re at Keystone)

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