Snowboarder Cited For Going "Too Fast" At Keystone

Snowboarder Cited For Going "Too Fast" At Keystone


Snowboarder Cited For Going "Too Fast" At Keystone


I’m a huge fan of Johnathan Buckhouse’s channel over on Youtube. Even though he rides one plank instead of two, I thoroughly enjoy his content. Buckhouse uploaded a video of Keystone Patrol threatening to take his pass for riding too fast on Schoolmarm.

Watch here:

Buckhouse didn’t end up having his pass taken, and only has to take a safety class. He makes a good point at the end of the video. Keystone, and some other Vail resorts, have set policies that are deterring away advanced skiers and riders.

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Schoolmarm at Keystone

Buckhouse was riding Schoolmarm, which is a green, but couldn’t a warning have been issued first before requiring him to take a class? It seems a little harsh to me.


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