An Unofficial Analysis Of Homer Simpson's Skiing And What We Can Learn From It

An Unofficial Analysis Of Homer Simpson's Skiing And What We Can Learn From It


An Unofficial Analysis Of Homer Simpson's Skiing And What We Can Learn From It



Homer Simpson is one of America’s favorite cartoon characters. His namesake program, The Simpsons is about 20 years past its prime but back in 2000, the Simpsons went skiing in Colorado where they got into all sorts of hijinks that would give us some of the best Simpsons quotes to date (*“feels like I’m wearing nothing at all”– Ned Flanders).

To nobody’s surprise, Homer ended up taking a pretty substantial crash during his time on the slopes. So in order to keep ourselves from repeating history’s mistakes, let’s take a look at where/when things went horribly wrong for Homer.

Progressing the sport per usual.

Early in the clip, Homer spins around and winds up cruising downhill switch. This is quite concerning with his non-twin tip skis. He remains calm and swings his tips back around to set himself straight. You have to like how he keeps his cool in this sketchy situation where panic would have led to certain disaster.

Upon recovering, he is aimed downhill and is fairly centered on his skis and avoids getting too backseat. Mr. Simpson appears to be is a good attack position to negotiate the coming section of trail.

Watch that stance Homer…

Homer’s skis start to run a little too far apart from one another. This is not ideal but all is not lost. He has time to correct the mistake and return to an aggressive, centered stance. That said, time is of the essence and he really needs to reign it in before things go south.

Now, we approach the moment of truth, Homer tries to hold it together. His head is in the right place as he quickly attempts to recall what a former ski instructor told him earlier.

Then it all goes wrong for Homer. He loses mental focus. His mind starts to wander and begins to envision Ned Flanders in a skin-tight race onesie. We can all identify with this one at some point in our ski career. We lose focus on the task at hand and our skiing takes a hit. While we might not be thinking about a well-built man in a skin suit, even thinking about what’s for lunch can lead to some big crashes.

Homer getting unsolicited, subconscious advice from his ski instructor + stupid, sexy Ned Flanders

When Homer regains focus he is in a world of trouble. He’s doing a split as he works down the mountain before encountering a series of bumps to the gonads. He winds up getting all sorts of wonky before making his way onto a ski jump and dumps it off the side.

Moguls to the gonads. Almost a palindrome.

Lets all take a lesson from one of the world’s favorite cartoon characters and be sure to ski with out heads in the right spot. Instead of thinking about breakfast burritos, Aprés festivities, your hot male friend– focus on slaying that line instead.

And back to the lift for another go…

Homer never says ‘die’

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