If you’re looking to unwind and nerd out at your computer but want to stay in the skiing headspace, consider getting into this new ski resort simulator available from AEROSOFT. I can imagine spending hours building out my dream hill and then maintaining it like a digital terrarium for skiers. Check out the demo. More info below:

Product Information Winter Resort Simulator:

Keep the winter wonderland of an alpine region going! With the Winter Resort Simulator HR Innoways presents their first stand-alone simulator, in which you can ski on different routes, control cable cars and control various snow vehicles through a realistic alpine-like winter region.You can use different vehicles such as cable car gondolas, snowmobiles, snow groomers or off-road vehicles and even skis. The cable car control is based on the “Doppelmayr Connect” control system. All cable cars are originally licensed by Doppelmayr.Design your own ropeway route in free play and take on different missions in the career mode. Enjoy your game on a six square kilometer map with 5 predefined cable cars. From individual cable car gondolas to snowmobiles, different vehicles can be used. Steer through dynamic weather and leave your tracks in the snow. Thanks to cooperations with well-known brands such as Doppelmayr and Kässbohrer, the vehicles and control panels of the cable car can be found very realistically in the game. In addition, there is a village with various detailed attractions, such as ski huts and viewing platforms to explore.

The game offers a detailed economic system with ticket prices and reputation, which will be enhanced by satisfaction and awareness. It is your job to keep the ski region safe and operational, for example by blasting avalanches to prepare your slopes.You also need to deliver various items such as groceries or other vital items. Can you manage and manage your cable cars without forgetting your other responsibilities?


  • Control of own cable cars
  • Includes original panels
  • Alpine-inspired scenery with dynamic weather and deformable snow
  • Snowmobile, snowcat, off-road vehicle and ski
  • Missions in career mode
  • Transport missions with the help of different vehicles and cable cars
  • Designing your own cable car route in free play
  • Original brands, eg Doppelmayr, Kässbohrer
  • Supports modding
  • Included cable cars and vehicles:
    • Cable cars of the Doppelmayr D-Line with CWA Omega V cabins and DCD armchairs
    • A Doppelmayr 3S with brand new CWA ATRIA cab
    • PistenBully 600 “LEVEL RED”
    • PistenBully 600 “LEVEL RED” with winch
    • snowmobile
    • snowblower
    • Pick up