Just found out this factoid while reading about ski resorts across the country having a difficult time filling seasonal jobs in a tight labor market. We’ve all met these bright eyed college kids from across the globe directing traffic in the parking lots, bumping chairs and helping kiddos up the magic carpet but just how many J-1 visas does the ski industry in the US use?

KSL.com reports the ski industry uses about 8,000 J-1 visas. Overall America’s roughly 460 ski resorts hire about 100,000 seasonal workers each fall. I ran this by a mathematician friend and he crunched the numbers and said that J-1’s make up 8% of the seasonal workforce. Thanks Count Dracula.

We at Unofficial have made many lifelong friendships with skiers and snowboarders brought to the states through the J-1 Program and cherish the opportunity for cultural exchange and sharing the experience of our nation’s alpine treasures.

images from Homewood FB