“Contest Season” ft. Red Gerard, Sage Kotsenburg and Ben Ferguson

“Contest Season” ft. Red Gerard, Sage Kotsenburg and Ben Ferguson


“Contest Season” ft. Red Gerard, Sage Kotsenburg and Ben Ferguson


When you watch the X-Games on tv you see the highly orchestrated execution of months and months of preproduction jam packed into an evening of contest riding. What you don’t see is the chaos that leads up to the big stage.  Tag along with the best snowboarders in the world as they chronicle the lives of contest riders between podiums:

“OVERJOYED Episode 2: “Contest Season” features Red Gerard, Sage Kotsenburg and Ben Ferguson, plus guests Danny Davis, Brock Crouch, Takeru Otsuka and more, traveling to X Games Aspen 2019, Japan and the U.S. Open. The JOY crew steps out of the backcountry and into the contest circle that made them who they are today. Watch how they manage trying to stay on the top of the podium while thinking about riding powder and filming.”

As world-renowned snowboarders Red Gerard, Sage Kotsenburg, and Ben Ferguson travel the globe in search of the world’s best terrain and deepest snow, ‘Overjoyed’ documents the lines, airs and slashes that encompass one winter of these snowboarders at the top of their game. From the endless tree runs on the north island of Japan, the backcountry of British Columbia and the peaks of the Sierra, to the top of the X Games and U.S. Open slopestyle courses and halfpipes, it all unfolds in the filming of their first snowboard film together, “JOY.” ‘Overjoyed’ focuses on their insight into the world of the Olympic medals and contest venues that banded together the cast of “JOY,” along with the allure and progression of big mountains and deep snow that propelled them to make this film.

The movie Joy drops today: AVAILABLE HERE

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