The Conway Daily Sun has reported that State Rep. Craig Thomspon would like to add a tax to lift ticket sales throughout the state of New Hampshire.

Thompson says that the tax will be used to create a scholarship program to help NH residents attend in-state schools. The proposition is being faced with opposition from the industry, including Ski New Hampshire.Image result for skiing in nh"

This is a tricky one. I see the goal behind adding the tax, but placing a possible 9% tax on skiers and riders would be less than ideal. Lift ticket prices are already through the roof. I could also see vacationers from NYC, Boston, and other metro areas on the east cost avoiding New Hampshire if this tax would go into place. Why wouldn’t you go somewhere else with Vermont and Maine so close? That could prove to be detrimental to the locals who rely on tourism to put food on the table.

Image result for skiing in nh"

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