What's More Expensive Vail Ski Resort or Disney World?

What's More Expensive Vail Ski Resort or Disney World?


What's More Expensive Vail Ski Resort or Disney World?


Vail Ski Resort is often referred to as the Walt Disney World of the ski industry. Many parallels can be drawn between the to establishments including, their reliance on destination visitors and their ballooning cost to visit.

*In 1979 a lift ticket at Vail cost just $10 and a Theme Park Ticket for Walt Disney World was only $7. 

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Both the ski hill and the entertainment complex offer season passes as well as day tickets to access either their mountain lifts or their ride systems. So which is more expensive?

One Day Lift Ticket / Theme Park Ticket

If you book a ticket online beforehand, an adult lift ticket to Vail Ski Resort and a Theme Park Ticket to one of Walt Disney World parks cost the exact same, $109. However, both Vail Resorts and Walt Disney World use dynamic pricing. This means you are going to be paying more during peak season and holidays.

Additionally, Vail charges a massive premium for guests who walk-up to a ticket window to buy a lift ticket. If you were to walk up to a Vail ticket window and buy a lift ticket during a Christmas week, it would cost you as much as $209.

Season Pass / Annual Pass

An annual pass to Walt Disney World is priced the same for all guests 3 years and older. Vail offers a pass for adults and one for children aged 5-12. The cost of a price also fluctuates base on what time of year you buy your pass.

*Cost of EPIC Pass as of October 8, 2019


After digging into the costs of lift tickets vs. theme park tickets at different times of the year as well as the cost of children, Theme Park tickets to Walt Disney World are generally going to cost you more than lift tickets to Vail. However, ski equipment is required for a day on the slopes. If you were to add in the cost of gear rental, a day of skiing or riding at Vail is going to cost you substantially more than a day at Walt Disney World.

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